Adding Email Address to a Patient Profile

In order to properly sync telemedicine appointments from the Kareo EHR, it is essential that each patient has a valid email address entered. 

There are two places where the patient email address can be updated. 

1) In the patient profile itself

  • Navigate to the Patients section of the Platform dropdown menu
  • Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name in the top navigation search box.
  • Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's chart / Face Sheet opens.
  • Click Demographics on the left menu. The patient's Demographics page opens to the Profile tab
  • Click Edit to edit the patient profile, and enter the correct email address in the "Personal Email" field 

  • After clicking Save, the profile will be updated

2) Editing an existing telemedicine appointment

  • Navigate to the Calendar section of the Platform dropdown menu
  • Find the upcoming telemedicine appointment for the patient
  • On the Edit Appointment screen, click the small Edit button next to the patient's name and contact information 

  • You will see the Email field under the Additional Contact Information
  • Enter the correct email address for the patient and click Save Patient 
  • Click Save Appointment and the patient profile will be updated
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