Encounter Creation Requirements


Kareo Telemedicine appointments should always sync back, after being charged, to your Kareo PM encounters. This article will show the requirements, per appointment, that need to be in place before the will succeed.


1. When scheduling an appointment, this appointment will need to have an Insurance Case.

2. If there is already an insurance case assigned to the patient and appointment, you will see it when creating the appointment:

3. If it is blank, it will appear as below:

4. If it is blank, press "Edit" to the right.

5. Here, you will either see an existing Self-pay insurance case, or, you will see nothing.

6. If you see nothing, you will need to create a Self-pay insurance case

7. You can do this by pressing "Add new insurance case"

8. Selecting "Self-Pay"

9. Giving it a name.

10. Press Save & Finish

Now, you will see that the insurance case page has a Self-pay entry.

From here, you can go back and create the appointment, and the encounter will be created in Kareo PM after your telemedicine visit.

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